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Find the Best Fit for YOU

Browse our team of fitness professionals to find the trainer that best suits your specific needs & goals.

Each one of our team members can provide you with strength, nutrition, and program guidance. Some of our trainers have unique skill sets to help with more specific goals & styles of training. This is where you'll be able to learn which fitness professional is the best fit for YOU.

"Tiers" are based on experience, certifications held and availability of trainer.



Tier 2 Trainer

-NASM certified-

I get my clients to achieve their goals through an integrated training focus.
I craft a customized program for each of my clients and make sure my that they have a choice in the exercises they love most.
I urge my clients to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things!
If you want to reach your goals, have a say in what exercises we do and have a good time doing it- I’m your guy! 


I’m upbeat and fun.
Upbeat- I have a strong voice and make sure that my clients are working their absolute hardest when training with me!
Fun- I let my clients choose a workout that they enjoy at the end of every session. I believe that in order to stay consistent you need to enjoy your workout!

Although you might finish the session tired, at the same time I want you to feel rejuvenated and eager to get back at it the next session.
I want you to reach outside of your comfort zone and experiment with new exercises that you may never have believed yourself capable of.
Within each of my programs I will include; flexibility/mobility, core/stability, agility/plyometrics, resistance training, YOUR choice of workout, and a cool down. 

These past few months I have been working out with Lance. Currently I am at the healthiest and most active point of my entire life. I find these work outs particularly challenging at times, but I always push through them. This has been very resourceful for my life and I have zero regrets in doing any of this. The way I look, the way I walk and the way I breathe have all been changed for the better.

Daniel A.



Tier 2 Trainer

-NASM certified-

-C.H.E.K practitioner-

-Integrative Nutrition Health Coach-

-bodyART teacher-

-MOSSA Group Active-

-TRIBE Fit & TRIBE Life-

-Wim Hof Method-Fundamentals, Level 1-

I used to work in fashion prior to the fitness industry... My favorite part of my day was always going to the gym.

I had to manifest it into my career!
As Audrey Hepburn says, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, I’M POSSIBLE!”

I am on a journey to share my love for exercise, food, and life!

I use various techniques including strength training, swiss balls, circuits, crawling, detail to breathing, isometrics, balance.

I have knowledge about core training and back training and use exercises from Feldenkrais and Paul Chek.

My workouts are super fun!!!... challenging....we are working here after all! 

I am also a bodyART teacher, which is a physical therapy-based class that is yoga, pilates, and tribal dancing inspired.

-Alexa S.

“Alexa is the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. She is sensitive to my own physical
limitations but encourages me to push through them, and is able to create inventive and interesting
exercises all the while. Despite my initial reservations concerning the kind of exertions. Alexa expects
from me, I have had great progress thanks to her efforts and guidance, which have made me enjoy
exercising for the first time in a long while. Alexa is creative and knowledgeable, demanding yet
compassionate, and has really helped me achieve and maintain my fitness goals, as well as improve my
health overall. Hire her, you won't regret it!”

Irena S.



Tier 2 Trainer

-Specializes in strength, powerlifting and muscle gain

-NPTI certified-

"I chose this field because I love sports, the gym and I genuinely like to help people change for the better; ESPECIALLY  if they are willing to work for it!


As a two-time military veteran, using discipline and accountability to execute a mission (in this case training) is my top priority.

That's why I chose this field. It is the best of both worlds combining my passion and my skill.

I strive to help my clients build discipline with fitness because I strongly believe that "How you do one thing is how you do everything."

Becoming disciplined in fitness will result in an improved quality of life.

My methods of training will vary depending on each client's personal goals and current health/fitness level.


 The core of ALL of my programming will center around basic compound movements and variations of them.

These movements transfer to real life situations keeping you mobile and strong for daily life and activity.


That being said I'm a Gemini (switching to my other personality now) ;) 

 Enough of the serious content!

 l'm a guy who enjoys what he does! So get ready to reach your goals and have fun at the same time.


Don't be shy to ask questions, I shoot as straight as a bullet and will always tell it like it is."


Looking back after having my 4th baby just the thought of putting on my favorite dress and having photos taken scared me so much let alone going on my summer vacation and putting on a bathing suit!

Then I started training with Garsevan and things got better, my clothes started to fit better, people noticed I was looking healthier and I could walk a few flights of stairs without feeling like I ran a marathon. 

I lost all my baby fat and feet beautiful and healthy.

During the cold winter mornings there were times thought it was too hard and I wanted to give up;

however all the hard work Garsevan had put in with me kept me motivated to keep going.

Now putting on that dresses love and bathing suit does not scare me in the slightest, all the hard work has paid off and I am extremely happy with the way I look and I haven't felt this fit or healthy in years!

Although it may not have seemed like it while I was training, but I thoroughly enjoy my sessions each week and Garsevan was so easy to get along with (under the circumstances!). 

He was very helpful, extremely accommodating and let’s not forget encouraging and motivating, but the best part of all is that he genuinely cared about his clients!

-Emma DM

Vasi X.

MEET Mike S.

Tier 2 Trainer

-NASM certified-

I train through communication and mutual understanding.

My goal is to get my clients to a place of greater physical and mental health through training that they ENJOY!

The most important aspect of training is your adherence and results can only be achieved through consistent and challenging work.

To help you reach those results, I will work with you to learn the style of training you most enjoy and use that to help you reach your goals!


I follow training principles that focus on the importance of applying yourself to your goal.

If you have a specific result that you desire then train specifically for it.

Whether that looks like undergoing resistance training in a controlled environment for strength and size or training for balance with movements that challenge your stability.  

Fitness is a wide array of specified skill sets and I am here to help you navigate it.


When I train with an individual, my main goal is to learn about them and give them the tools and methods necessary to improve their confidence and performance.

Each session I program is designed to challenge you physically and mentally, without overexertion. My goal is to push you to your limits while being as informative as possible and providing advice to increase your own knowledge.

-Mike S.

I've always been a little afraid of the gym, but having trained with Michael for the past year, I am finally able to workout consistently. When I first started, I felt completely without direction. However, as Michael and I worked together, we developed a program tailored towards my fitness goals: one that I felt comfortable doing with or without a gym partner. He has helped me improve my confidence in the gym, learn proper form and push myself to be stronger than ever. He's helped me create lasting change in my life!

Lindsey S.



Tier 1 Trainer

-ACE certified-

-Parisi Sports Performance Coach certified-

My method for teaching, coaching and motivating others-

I get my clients to their goals by focusing on fundamental movements and mobility. If you're just looking for a "quick-fix", I'm not your guy.

I educate on why we do things and how it will get YOU to your goals.

Be prepared to learn, I will quiz you at random to test what knowledge you have retained.

If you're looking to develop a life-long appreciation for fitness beginning with a strong mind, we will accomplish great things together.

My personality + how I use it to connect with my clients-

I'm genuine.

Genuinely caring- We were voted Bucks County's Best PT of 2021+2022 because I put my clients health 1st. 

Genuinely Enjoyable-Our sessions won't be strained and you will feel comfortable + heard in what your goals are.

The experience that I want my clients and class participants to have-

Though the safety of my clients is paramount, my clients are prepared to test their limits. Forget about what you believed yourself to be capable of and unlock your true potential.

My group class participants are a close-knit group of people who motivate each other to work hard and help to keep each other accountable.

I strive to have my class partipants leaving class fatigued, yet invigorated. Drained, yet fullfilled. 

I’ve been working out with Mitch for a little over a year and I’m seeing great results. I really appreciate how he tailors my workouts to target the areas I want to improve and keep me interested and motivated. He also checks in with me between workouts to see how I’m recovering and keeps me honest about sticking to our program. I feel stronger, faster, and overall better than I have felt in a long time thanks to Mitch’s help.

Shawn B.

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