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Tier 2 Trainer.

I hear people say all the time how they don't like exercising. My philosophy is that there is a form of fitness out there for everyone. Whatever your goal may be, it is my job to help you get there and do so by helping you discover what "genre" of fitness is for you.

Whether you're a 7 year old athlete looking to improve your sports performance, a muscle-bound "gym-bro" looking to get even more muscly, or a 50+ year old mother of 3 looking to begin her fitness journey for the first time, I am confident that I have the knowledge, skill-set, and programming to get you to the next level.


I’ve been working out with Mitch for a little over a year and I’m seeing great results. I really appreciate how he tailors my workouts to target the areas I want to improve and keep me interested and motivated. He also checks in with me between workouts to see how I’m recovering and keeps me honest about sticking to our program. I feel stronger, faster, and overall better than I have felt in a long time thanks to Mitch’s help.

Shawn B.


Tier 1 Trainer.

"I am a firm believer in the idea that fitness is a catalyst for improving all aspects of life. Deciding to take control of your physical health is an important choice, and I am here to support you every step of the way. Developing programs that cater to your needs and celebrating your successes are what drive me. My goal is to teach, coach and educate my clients to reach their fitness goals and beyond. Sports have been a lifelong passion of mine. I cannot wait to share that passion with you."


"Lauren works well with the girls on the team and is able to get each participant to maximize their talent. She makes intense workouts fun and beneficial to all."

 -Andre B. (Head Track and Field Coach at Mount Saint Mary Academy).



Tier 2 Trainer.

Fitness is always evolving, and staying on the forefront is how I get my clients results.  I use my specialties in Kettlebell and Steel Mace training to target the bodies transverse plane in addition to the sagittal plane.  This creates a very strong and mobile body. There is an overall emphasis on core strength and creating lean muscle. After a short learning curve these tools can be used for individuals of all ages and fitness levels,  from the collegiate athlete to seniors. Mixing in traditional fitness with new functional movements creates the perfect fitness package.


I was a decade out of shape with some life long injuries, headed down the road to a chronic back injury when I tried Blaak Out Training. Scott was friendly and engaging as he watched, listened and worked with me to avoid injury. Scott has a wild set of non traditional weights that occupy my focus and create a fun workout, making use of the odd space available in my home and yard. His plans are intense and exhausting and exactly what I needed to get to a healthier, stronger version of myself.

-John R.



Tier 1 Trainer

Bella is a NSCA certified fitness professional as well as a Spartan SGX certified coach.

Tier 1 Trainer

I am grateful for all of the work that Bella did with me. I am sure that I am stronger today thanks to her!