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Each one of our team members can provide you with strength, nutrition, and program guidance. Some of our trainers have a set of unique skill sets to help with more specific goals and this is where you'll be able to learn which fitness professional is the best fit for you.

"Tiers" are based on experience and availability of trainers.



Tier 2 Trainer.



Tier 2 Trainer.

My method for teaching, coaching and motivating others-

I get my clients to their goals by focusing on fundamental movements and mobility. If you're just looking for a "quick-fix", I'm not your guy.

I educate on why we do things and how it will get them to their goals.

Be prepared to learn, I will quiz you at random to test what knowledge you have retained.

If you're looking to develop a life-long appreciation for fitness beginning with a strong mind, we will accomplish great things together.

My personality + how I use it to connect with my clients-

I'm genuine.

Genuinely caring- We were voted Bucks County's Best PT of 2021+2022 because I put my clients health 1st. 

Genuinely Enjoyable-Our sessions won't be strained and you will feel comfortable + heard in what your goals are.

The experience that I want my clients and class participants to have-

Though the safety of my clients is paramount, my clients are prepared to test their limits. Forget about what you believed yourself to be capable of and unlock your true potential.

My group class participants are a close-knit group of people who motivate each other to work hard and help to keep each other accountable.

I strive to have my class partipants leaving class fatigued, yet invigorated. Drained, yet fullfilled. 


I’ve been working out with Mitch for a little over a year and I’m seeing great results. I really appreciate how he tailors my workouts to target the areas I want to improve and keep me interested and motivated. He also checks in with me between workouts to see how I’m recovering and keeps me honest about sticking to our program. I feel stronger, faster, and overall better than I have felt in a long time thanks to Mitch’s help.

Shawn B.


Kettlebell & Steel Mace Specialist

Fitness is always evolving, and staying on the forefront is how I get my clients results.  I use my specialties in Kettlebell and Steel Mace training to target the bodies transverse plane in addition to the sagittal plane.  This creates a very strong and mobile body. There is an overall emphasis on core strength and creating lean muscle. After a short learning curve these tools can be used for individuals of all ages and fitness levels,  from the collegiate athlete to seniors. Mixing in traditional fitness with new functional movements creates the perfect fitness package.


I was a decade out of shape with some life long injuries, headed down the road to a chronic back injury when I tried Blaak Out Training. Scott was friendly and engaging as he watched, listened and worked with me to avoid injury. Scott has a wild set of non traditional weights that occupy my focus and create a fun workout, making use of the odd space available in my home and yard. His plans are intense and exhausting and exactly what I needed to get to a healthier, stronger version of myself.

-John R.