We strive to be very active in Newtown and the surrounding community. Here we have listed some of our special events, partners, collaborators and friends.

 "Weekend Warrior"- Group workouts followed by a healthy brunch and drinks in collaboration with local Bars, restaurants, and other businesses.

*Pro Shop Newtownhttps://luxepsn.com

*Continental Tavernhttps://contav.com

*Triple Suns Newtown- https://www.triplesunspirits.com

"Blaak Basket"- We wanted to show our clients how much we appreciate and support local while doing it, so we sought out over 20 businesses that are the best at that they do in their industry. Between donations and discounted deals on products, services and other items, we created a beautiful basket to gift to our clients for Christmas.

*Pro Shop Newtownhttps://luxepsn.com

*Continental Tavernhttps://contav.com

*Triple Sons Newtown- https://www.triplesunspirits.com

*Ignite Fitnesshttps://www.ignitefitnessworkout.com

*Ryan Lawrence Electrichttps://www.instagram.com/lawrence_electric/?hl=en

*Marvin Scott & Cohttps://www.marvinscottco.com

*Edge Insurance Agencyhttps://www.edgeinsuranceagency.com/about

*The Caketeria Newtownhttps://www.thecaketeria.net

* Skin care Products- https://www.instagram.com/lauren_lawrence_/

*Handcrafted art on your favorite items-  https://www.instagram.com/bri.utifullymade/

*Business Related Legal Services-  https://www.swayzellc.com


"Ignite Fitness"- We have done many guest workouts and collaborations with our friends over at Ignite. On the last Friday of every month, we host a "Boot-camp" with them at the Elite Dance Academy.

"Sweat for Service"- Our hearts go out to the restaurant industry with all of the recent pandemic shutdowns and indoor dining limitations. We raised $1000.00 dollars which we donated to Newtown Solstice to aid with employee relief.


"Newtown Lifestyle"- We were fortunate enough to be featured in the "January Welles's Issue" by Newtown Lifestyle Magazine. We landed smack-dab on the cover and were given two pages inside featured alongside the likes of 3 other local gyms that have been in business for years.